Number IX “Poppies”

Poppy Field Study

Here where I live in the Provence region of France we get such amazing poppy fields each year around the beginning of May. I love how they grow in wild unkempt areas, the fields growing redder and redder each day.

Another example of nature moving forward in her own way.

In this picture adding some machine embroidered detail to the final piece.

I don’t embroider into all my work, but some of the pieces call for it. Whether hand or machine it adds another dimensional detail to the piece. Here I kept the poppies more simple in design and so they needed the structure of the flower stems and petal details to help them stand on their own.

Close up details from the final piece, you can see how all the different fibres and the embroidery create a textural surface. The piece is attached to a wooden frame. It can also be framed with or without glass according to your preference. All framing is the purchasers responsibility and cost. To purchase this original piece please get in touch. Approx size is 150x50cm

Giclée prints will be available soon, please contact Claire for more details