Going Deeper

Here are a few detailed descriptions of some of the art works Claire currently has available. Please make contact for special commissions and refer to the gallery page for the entire collection of works available.

Claire creates unique felted and embroidered wall hangings by painting with mixed wool and silk fibres. She is constantly inspired by the natural world with all its amazing colours, forms and determination to survive.

You can never get the same result twice with felting so you can guarantee that each piece of work will always be unique to you.

Art works are designed to be mounted on a deep canvas frame so that they float away from the wall. They can however be put behind glass too, Claire recommends using anti-reflective glass so you do not loose the texture of the original piece.

Number VII
Peacock Feather

A unique and vibrant detailed wall hanging inspired by the male peacock feather. Such an incredible example of nature working its best. 170x78cm

Number VIII
Pink Tulip

Original and vibrant pink and black wall hanging inspired by the glorious feathered tulip, whose colourful spectrum brings us from the greys of winter to the warmer spring days. 110×110 cm

Number IX
Poppy Field

Such a delight in late spring when all the Poppy fields start to bloom. Mixed wool and silk fibres with machine embroidery detailing.

Number XII
Yucca Study

A three panelled piece inspired by my new Yucca plants. Mixed wool and silk fibres with machine embroidery detailing.

Number XIV
Harbour Island

What’s nicer than relaxing on a beautiful beach, with this it’s the next best thing. Hang, sit back relax, and lose yourself in the sand and waves. Mixed wool and silk fibres 140x45cm