Number XIV “Harbour Island”

Harbour Island

The Bahamas

This piece was inspired from a trip a few years ago to the Bahamas. The bright blue tropical seas are so healing to the soul along with the warmth of the sun on your skin. We can’t always be on the beach so here is the next best thing, hang it up, sit back, relax and let yourself drift away.

Created by layering carded wool and silk and then rubbing and rolling so the piece takes on its own identity.

The handmade process

Spraying with warm water and soap creates the natural glueing process

Details from the piece, you can see how all the different fibres create such a textural surface. The piece is partial attached to a backing canvas, allowing for fluidity when the piece is hung. It can also be framed with or without glass according to your preference. All framing and postage is at the purchasers cost. To purchase this original piece please get in touch. Approx size is 140x45cm

Giclée Prints

Claire has created a limited number of giclée prints on bamboo paper. The combination creates a beautifully textured surface with incredible detail, just as if you were holding the actual textile in your hands. Please contact Claire for more details.