Number XII “Yucca”

Yucca Study

I bought two big Yucca plants that I have put either side of the front door to compliment our new Tuscan Red House, and I found them surprisingly inspirational.

This 3 panel piece is my latest tribute to them. In this photo I am adding some machine embroidery detail after felting.

At first they just look like green spiky plants, but the more you look the more you see as with many things in life. They are full of different greens, yellows and blues browns and even some red.

Showing here the fluffy layers before felting. You can really see all the various fibres that make up the piece.

The process or creation, I start with a 2 or 3 layered wool “canvas” and then as seen often with painting the art work is sketched and layered up with lots of colours and textures. Hence why I say I paint with wool.

Details from the piece, you can see how all the different fibres create the textural surface. The piece is partial attached to a backing canvas, allowing for fluidity when the piece is hung. It can also be framed with or without glass according to your preference. All framing and postage is at the purchasers cost. To purchase this original piece please get in touch. Approx size of each panel is 135×45 cm and 135x150cm overall allowing for a gap between the panels.

Claire has created a limited number of giclée prints on bamboo paper. The combination creates a beautifully textured surface with incredible detail, just as if you were holding the actual textile in your hands. Please contact Claire for more details.